Sports & Recreation

We construct award-winning stadiums, fields, racetracks, venues, waterparks, and recreation centers that inspire athletes, attract fans, and bring communities together.


Choosing Carroll Daniel maximizes every dollar in the budget and every day in the schedule to create a unique fan experience while delivering a sound long-term investment.

Working within the framework of seasonal operations and planned events, we develop schedules alongside project partners to integrate plans early. Budget sensitive by nature, sports and recreation complexes benefit greatly from our guidance during the selection of materials and special features, which impact each venue’s sustainability. We collaborate closely to address transportation flow, acoustics, lighting, and the team and enthusiast experience. Our extensive planning process generates profound returns down the line.

Awarded & Recognized

We hold ourselves to the utmost standards. In fact, we are recognized consistently for exceptional safety performance, overcoming the challenges, innovation in construction, excellence in project management and scheduling, and dedication to customer service.

Commitment to Safety

Carroll Daniel Construction has an EMR of 0.67 - well below the industry average of 1.00 – proving that our commitment to safe construction practices isn’t just something we say, it’s something we practice on our sites every day.


We work to understand clients’ needs and to communicate effectively, keeping us in lock-step with their operations.


We excel in the field so you can excel on the field.

Partnering with Carroll Daniel puts you in the hands of industry-veterans as you navigate the complex world of construction and aim to unite teams to drive schedule and promote quality. Our veteran teams offer the oversight to ensure timely delivery and overcome challenges faced in the field. Solutions driven and well-trained, we encourage the workforce, supervise safe operations, administer training, and certify that work put in place matches quality expectations. We adapt plans and ask the questions necessary to maintain momentum. Our focus gives clients comfort in knowing they can concentrate on other aspects of the operation, like generating revenue through ticket sales and sponsorships or recruiting talent.


Our partnership endures every season.

Our reputation is built on trust and long-term partnership. And that’s why Carroll Daniel looks to partner beyond the project, aligning with each client’s business goals. Whether fund-raising or sponsorships or partnering in the community for workforce development, we engage at a more meaningful level, helping clients achieve their goals today and for the long-haul.

Our relationship with Carroll Daniel spans over four decades, and the valuable service they provide has been an asset to the University for many years. They have exceeded our expectations of quality, service and the timely delivery of projects. We look forward to the opportunity to work with Carroll Daniel again in the future and would recommend them with the utmost confidence.

Ed Shrader
Past President
Brenau University