Our seasoned teams are equipped to integrate seamlessly with existing operations and travelers to revitalize aging infrastructure.


A construction partner of Delta Air Lines, MARTA, and the world’s busiest airport, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, our planning methodology gives way to flawless execution even in the most highly traveled environments.

Working in partnership with all stakeholders, we allocate budgets to maximize the project scope. Drawing from experience and cost histories on a wide range of projects, we offer suggestions for design modifications, the substitution of materials, and alternative construction methods to ensure cost-efficiency.

Our lean approach plans down to the last detail, including minimizing site space and working after hours to expedite schedules. The time invested in planning is recognized as we transition into construction, where we operate harmoniously alongside travelers, personnel, and security.


Information is king. Knowing our plan and how it will interface with your operations keeps everyone in sync. We emphasize communications from start to finish, so that there are no unplanned interruptions.

National Awards & Recognition

Our work has earned awards for exceptional project safety performance, overcoming the challenges, innovation in construction techniques, excellence in project management and scheduling, and customer service.

Commitment to Safety

In a high traffic environment where we work around existing operations and travelers, nothing is more important to us than safety and security. Our EMR is a representation of the emphasis we place day-to-day on doing the right thing.


Focused on continuity of operations, limiting disruptions, and consistent communication, no one brings the level of care to construction that we do.

The transportation industry presents unique circumstances. At Carroll Daniel, we mitigate risk by minimizing interruptions while paying particular attention to security and safety. Our seasoned teams navigate skillfully in this setting, understanding factors at play like managing passenger flow, environmental considerations, complex logistics, and processes and procedures inherent in the transportation industry. We build with your personnel, operations, and travelers in mind, giving you confidence in our work.


At Carroll Daniel, we uphold every client’s mission. Our reputation depends on it.

At Carroll Daniel, our legacy thrives on creating relationships that evolve into long-term partnerships. Trust ensues through doing what you say you’re going to do each and every time. Transportation services all of us – the general public and the communities in which we live. As a top builder in the Southeast, we lend our support to every size transportation project and remain true to our commitments, focusing on establishing a deep level of trust in our abilities.

With decades of experience, Carroll Daniel Construction is the right choice for your transportation project.