Food & Beverage

Our adaptability, integrated approach, and innovative solutions make us a trusted builder amongst some of the most recognized brands in the food and beverage industry.


Using virtual construction, we expedite the building process, empowering our clients to visualize their facilities and optimize according to their needs.

In this industry, time is money. Creating an efficient project plan starts with enhanced collaboration. We rely on virtual construction, lean practices, innovative processes, and leading-edge technology to create the most efficient and safe workflows possible. By diving into our client’s operations and production process, we maximize schedules and meet turnover dates through project phasing – all while working with clients to integrate automation, comply with food safety regulations, account for maintenance plans, and identify savings.

Top 4

Carroll Daniel Construction is proud to have partnered with the top four Georgia Food Processing Employers to construct projects to accommodate their ongoing operations and business growth. (Source: Georgia Department of Economic Development, 2019)

National Awards & Recognition

Our award-winning food & beverage projects are recognized for exceptional safety performance, overcoming challenges, innovation in construction techniques, excellence in project management and scheduling, and customer service.

Commitment to Safety

Carroll Daniel Construction has an EMR of 0.67 - well below the industry average of 1.00 – proving that our commitment to safe construction practices isn’t just something we say, it’s something we practice on our sites every day.


No matter the size of the project, we meet our commitments so that our clients can meet theirs.

Realizing that our clients’ business and processes evolve to meet market demands, we offer services flexible to your needs. Whether brand new, renovating or expanding operations, we build safely and effectively and in line with factors inherent in this type of work, like food safety regulations, sanitation requirements, facility maintenance, automation, and temperature-controlled and frozen storage needs.


We develop construction solutions that make food and beverage manufacturing efficient and successful.

Our ingenuity translates to repeat clients and long-term partnerships as we strive to be a technical resource today and well into the future.

When it comes to our business, we want to work with the best. Carroll Daniel has proven to be just that - a leader in the industry and a tremendous resource for us.

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