Arts & Entertainment

No matter what the opening act may be, Carroll Daniel’s building performance is show-stopping.


During the planning phase of each arts and entertainment project, we take the time to understand client and community needs and address potential challenges head-on. This can start with site selection and budgeting and extend all the way through production flow, acoustics, lighting, and creating the ultimate experience for concert-goers and patrons of the arts.

Our extensive planning process sets us apart from the competition because we carefully take into account all aspects of the installation and building process, making sure we set an effective and efficient schedule on both the micro and macro level so that the facilities can operate at optimum levels during performances.

Arts and Entertainment is a unique market with highly specialized needs, processes and equipment installation. Having built multiple entertainment venues, Carroll Daniel has a deep knowledge and strong working relationships with the subcontractor market within this arena, allowing us to excel at collaborating with project partners to find the most efficient, effective sequence, without sacrificing quality or costs.

It’s a dialogue, not a monologue.

Communication is the key to smooth operations. We work to not only understand client’s needs as they relate to building their vision, but also as they relate to communicating updates on the project.


Our arts and entertainment projects have won awards for exceptional project safety performance, overcoming the challenges of a difficult project, innovation in construction techniques, excellence in project management and scheduling, and dedication to customer service.

A Safe Performance

Carroll Daniel Construction has an EMR of 0.67 - well below the industry average of 1.00 – proving that our commitment to safe construction practices isn’t just something we say, it’s something we practice on our sites every day.


When it comes to fine arts and entertainment, every detail matters, and typically, the more ornate the building design and technical functions, the more opportunities are available for performers and patrons.

In our 74 year history, Carroll Daniel has built multiple new theaters, renovated several historic performing arts centers and constructed innovative production centers equipped with state-of-the-art technology. We lean on this experience to guarantee to our clients that the job will be done correctly and effectively. Projects like these require expertise. Our firm has unparalleled resources to deliver on arts and entertainment projects – from the human resources to our relationships and construction knowledge, we have what it takes to build the project successfully and safely.


Our full-service approach means that we are here to help to build your short-term goals into your long-term vision.

Our team’s experience is second to none, and our commitment to excellent construction processes has led to long term partnerships with repeat clients. We strive to be a technical resource, an extension of your team, and an advocate for the arts. To us, partnership means building a lasting relationship that allows Carroll Daniel Construction to serve your needs now, and well into the future.

This is a legacy project built from a million dreams held by our community for an arts home where all are welcomed.

Anthony Rodriguez
Co-Founder of Aurora Theatre
in reference to Carroll Daniel’s Lawrenceville Performing Arts Project
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