Arts & Entertainment

No matter what the opening act may be, Carroll Daniel’s building performance is show-stopping.


From school auditoriums to the most sophisticated performance venues, we address client and community needs by listening first.

With highly specialized needs, complicated processes, ornate designs, and meticulous equipment and materials selection, we know that early fine-tuning of the details leads to a smoother path through construction. Our extensive planning method carefully considers all aspects of the installation and building process. It sets an efficient schedule on the micro and macro level while judiciously channeling budgeted dollars to create optimum results.

It’s a dialogue, not a monologue.

Communication is key to smooth operations. We establish effective communication protocols early, keeping everyone connected to the project plan.


Our projects win awards for exceptional safety performance, overcoming challenges, innovation in construction, excellence in project management and scheduling, and customer service.

A Safe Performance

Our EMR of 0.67 is well below the industry average of 1.00 – proving that our commitment to safe construction practices isn’t just something we say, it’s something we practice on our sites every day.


When it comes to fine arts and entertainment, precision matters! We oversee installation down to every last detail, ensuring facilities operate at peak performance levels.

Throughout our history, we have built multiple new theaters, renovated several historic performing arts centers, and constructed innovative production houses – all equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Our best practices guide decision-making, enhance collaboration, influence the sequence of work in the field, and emphasize quality. We address each venue’s high expectations with an extraordinary level of care while keeping schedule and budget in check.


Our full-service approach means that we are here to transform clients' short-term goals into their long-term vision.

From planning through curtain call, we strive to be a technical resource, an extension of your team, and an advocate for the arts. We understand the importance of community acceptance and are known to host site walks and support regular PR efforts as clients look to generate early interest and ticket sales. And until the last sound checks and lighting adjustments occur, we train and assist staff through the transition to operations. Partnership means establishing relationships today that last well into the future.

This is a legacy project built from a million dreams held by our community for an arts home where all are welcomed.

Anthony Rodriguez
Co-Founder of Aurora Theatre
in reference to Carroll Daniel’s Lawrenceville Performing Arts Project