K-12 Education

Known across the Southeast as one of the most trusted K-12 contractors, Carroll Daniel directs each building program with confidence, creating lasting learning environments.


With limited funding and a heightened sensitivity to schedule and safety, K-12 construction benefits tremendously from detailed planning efforts, and we have spent generations perfecting our approach.

Carroll Daniel offers unmatched expertise in K-12 construction. A mainstay in this market for decades, we validate budgets through cost histories and provide meaningful guidance in decision making and materials selection through our lessons learned. We understand that public and private institutions want to create the best possible learning environment for their dollars, so we evaluate technology and flexibility against today’s trends to create cross-functional spaces. Our input is requested as schools consider capital outlay programs, SPLOST funding, and different procurement approaches. There is no doubt that engaging Carroll Daniel in the planning stage offers advantages, where lies most of the opportunity to save time and money.

Competitive in Schedule & Price

We have one of the strongest preconstruction teams in the industry. Our trade relationships give clients a competitive advantage in pricing and schedule. In the fast-paced education market, maintaining budget and schedule beget successful project delivery.

Nationally Recognized & Awarded

Our K-12 projects have earned First Place Build America and Build Georgia Awards for construction excellence, project management and safety performance, overcoming the challenges of a difficult project, innovation in construction techniques and client service.

Commitment to Safety

Whether we are protecting the safety of students, faculty, or our team, every decision we make, factors in the well-being of the people on campus and on-site. We have an EMR of 0.67 - well below the industry average of 1.00 – proving safety is something we practice every day.


In K-12, there is no room for error. We deliver on our promises – every time!

We firmly believe that our depth of experience sets us apart. Since our first K-12 project broke ground in 1951, we have been an integral part of the fabric of the market for 70+ years, working safely around existing campus operations and delivering as promised across the Southeast. Our consistent results garner confidence and repeat clients. We hold ourselves accountable to deliver top-quality, state-of-the-art learning environments while meeting the highest of safety standards, so on ribbon-cutting day and years down the road, we all stand proud of the outcome.


Every project we build has a lasting impact on the community it serves. We strive to be the kind of partner that has a lasting effect, too.

We value education, which is why we partner with school work-based learning programs and career fairs to educate students on the importance of learning and the opportunities that can come from hard work in the classroom and the field. Carroll Daniel also started the country’s first U.S. Department of Labor Certified Apprenticeship Program for Field Engineers, a program that partners with local high schools and technical colleges to prepare students with classroom and hands-on training for success in the construction workforce.

Carroll Daniel Construction and others host an annual Skills Challenge for regional high school students to participate in skilled trades competitions. This event hosts hundreds of students, spectators, and state and community leaders and showcases the importance of construction trades and their impact on workforce development.

They did what they said they would do, and they kept their promises. I can recommend the company without reservation, and in my experience with school-based construction projects, they are something special in the industry.

Dr. Joseph C. Barrow, Jr.
Fayette County Schools