Carroll Daniel Construction Company (CDCC) celebrates Women in Construction Week by showcasing the inspiring journey of one of our own team members, Ashlyn Mattle. From starting as an intern to becoming a driving force for improvement, Ashlyn’s story exemplifies the essence of creating a fulfilling career in construction. Learn about Ashlyn’s efforts to improve the company’s construction processes, integrating innovative software solutions that not only enhance efficiency but also elevate the client experience. At the intersection of passion and construction, Ashlyn’s journey is a testament to the limitless possibilities within the industry.
Q: Tell us about your unique journey to a career in construction and early lessons with CDCC.

A: I was always a fan of redesigning houses and drawing floor plans. Despite coming from a family of CPAs, I’m more of a spatial thinker, which helps me with things like visualizing plans of buildings in my head.

During my time in college earning a degree in architecture, I found myself really gravitating toward the practical side of things. The coursework was very theory-based. I loved it, but I was more of a logical thinker. For example, we were doing a design for a museum in one architecture class, and I pointed out the need to include restrooms in the design. For that, the professor called me the ultimate pragmatist. That was my “aha moment.” That’s when I realized my focus was more on everyday matters like functionality and buildability.

I started interning at CDCC in 2016, a year before I graduated from Georgia Tech. I mainly worked with our on-staff architect, managing 3D modeling projects. Exploring my options for a careerpath within the company, I went from BIM (building information modeling) to the project management side of the business. I loved the hands-on aspect of seeing how design and construction came together in real life. My field experience included two complex performing arts center projects – one in Lawrenceville, Georgia and the other in Douglasville, Georgia. My cross-functional background led to me being approached by executives about leading in a new role for our business, Manager of Project Solutions. Because I had understanding and experience in both project management and design, I could bring a unique perspective to the table and accelerate streamlining processes within the business. I immediately accepted the challenge and am enjoying leading in this role today.


Q: You’ve been described as a driving force for improvement. What do you attribute that to personally/professionally? How does the construction industry and CDCC specifically help facilitate that focus and passion?

A: I loved the project management track, but part of the jump over to my new position as Manager of Project Solutions was to try to make the processes better for everyone. When I came on board years ago, CDCC’s processes varied across office locations. Company leadership really wanted someone with an operations background to help with streamlining, software integration and improvement. That aligned directly with my passion and skill set. That desire to improve our processes was consistently met with encouragement. Brian Daniel is a visionary. Al Petrangeli is process-oriented. Together, they gave me the support I needed to make headway on behalf of the company.

I’m invested in what I’m doing and really want Carroll Daniel to do well and keep on this path of improvement. As I look back, I can say that I owe a lot to this company. They have created a supportive environment where new ideas are welcome, and I am able to thrive.


Q: Could you give an example of integrating technology into Carroll Daniel’s construction processes?

A: At this point, you can’t really separate the construction process from technology. Improving overall processes is where I found my niche. From a technology perspective, I’m currently spearheading the use of Procore – a project management software that basically integrates everything that you do through the construction process. It holds information you need during the life cycle of the project.

We’re working now on further integrations with our accounting system. I think that the financial integration piece we’re working on will really change the game for project managers.

Training our professionals in the field is a part of the software integration as well. I enjoy teaching them the ins and outs of the platform and getting them accustomed to using one single tool. We are creating a standard and working to get buy-in from everyone. This helps us adjust and get better as we move forward. Outside of helping the company scale, it also provides another layer of transparency for our clients and data from which to make decisions.

Safety and Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QAQC) are two areas where we hope to reap benefits from the use of this software.


Q: Switching gears, what would you say to young women considering a career in construction?

A: What I usually emphasize is the importance of having thick skin. This really goes for any industry, but is particularly important in male dominated industries like construction. Women have to show up with confidence, do their job to the best of their ability to earn credibility and know their worth.

Even more importantly, when it comes to young women considering a career in construction, choose to work for a company that creates a culture where everyone is respected as equals – one like Carroll Daniel.

I always say that I hope eventually women in construction week isn’t a “thing.” One day I hope that we get enough women in the workforce that it’s just everyday business as usual.