As builders, we collaborate with healthcare leaders and physicians to build projects that improve our communities’ health and focus on patient-centered care.


Whether building a new medical office building or renovating an existing hospital, the planning phase plays the most critical role in project success.

Through our comprehensive planning practices, we consider our movement, processes, and schedule to seamlessly integrate with medical operations and the patient experience during construction. Our preconstruction teams track and measure the budget against project goals to bring maximum value for every dollar spent while collaborating with designers to stay true to the vision.

Safety First

In healthcare, safety extends beyond the jobsite and into air quality and other compliance measures. We work with concern for clinical safety protocols, incorporating hospital safety plans into our construction plans to protect patients, healthcare professionals, and our project partners.


Top-notch healthcare systems deserve award-winning results. Our projects earn recognition for exceptional safety performance, overcoming challenges, innovation in construction, excellence in project management and scheduling, and customer service.


We understand the role communication plays in creating a trusted partnership. From signage to regular updates, we go the extra mile to keep stakeholders informed as construction operations evolve.


At Carroll Daniel, we study trends and regulations in healthcare to keep you ahead of patient care and protected from risk.

Staying at the forefront of healthcare building trends drives efficiency on site. From pre-fabrication to lean construction techniques, Carroll Daniel field staff excel in identifying solutions within the regulations synonymous with constructing in a hospital environment. Our expertise maximizes potential while mitigating risk.


Our holistic approach involves all aspects of planning, design, construction, and post-construction.

From master site development to phased scheduling and allocating capital dollars, Carroll Daniel transforms short-term project goals into a long-term vision. We know that facilities transition and move-in can be stressful, so we focus on being a partner post-construction. Above all, we advocate for healthcare systems and the vital role they play in our communities.

Carroll Daniel showed great leadership and performed well under challenges of fast paced schedule and existing conditions. The project was completed on time and on budget, and our organization was very pleased with Carroll Daniel's performance, communication during the project, and flexibility to address any challenges that arose during construction.

Miro Petrovic
Executive Vice President
US HealthVest, LLC