COVID-19 Management Plan

Overcoming Obstacles. Building Opportunities.

Carroll Daniel COVID-19 Task Force

We have created an internal COVID-19 Task Force comprised of 26 of our team leaders – both in the field and in the office. This task force’s main priority is protecting our Carroll Daniel team as they devote their time to understanding and researching best practices for continuity of operations amid the global COVID-19 pandemic. This team shares information and updates across the business, meeting multiple times a week to stay on top of the evolving situation and protocols.

Safety on Our Jobsites

We continue to monitor the requirements that the CDC, OSHA and others place upon our industry. We are operating under an “Essential Business” classification per CISA. As such, we are mandated to follow strict guidelines in order to protect each of us, those that we work with every day, and their families. Below are some of the mitigation measures we are practicing at job sites:

  • We have developed an extensive Carroll Daniel COVID-19 Safety Plan that implements project mitigation measures including, but not limited to requirements of maintaining social distancing, wearing face masks, increased sanitization on site, and general health screenings
  • Carroll Daniel is implementing temperature-screening measures on some of our jobsites to detect potential infection and minimize the spread of the virus
  • Site access is restricted to those essential to project continuity
  • To ensure the health and safety of every person on site, workers must stay home if they are not feeling well or have tested positive, or have been around others who have tested positive for COVID-19
  • We have provided increased access to hand wash stations and have team members dedicated to bleaching and sanitizing high-touch areas like restrooms, door handles, handrails, etc.

Critical Communication

In times of crisis, continuous communication is critical. In an effort to keep our company-wide communication a priority, we are utilizing softwares to conduct meetings virtually and host a company-wide call with all employees every other week. We have also created a special section of our intranet portal devoted to providing real-time updates and resources related to COVID-19 for all of our employees.

Our communication with clients remains vital to the success of any project, but even more so in today’s climate. We are increasing our levels of communication and reports when it comes to our operations and any potential threats to the project schedule. We are utilizing our Virtual Design & Construction practices to provide ongoing digital images and videos of job site progress for client’s to keep them engaged and aware of project status, without physically having them visit the site.

Team Wellness Initiatives

Exercise and mental wellness are extremely important to our overall health. Carroll Daniel Construction realizes the value in having healthy employees and encouraging healthy workplace initiatives, despite social distancing requirements and the COVID-19 situation we are currently experiencing.

We have provided employees with links to free online workout resources from intense cardio sessions to yoga classes, these work outs all require minimal equipment and provide maximum fitness benefits.

We also realize that daily activities can cause stress and anxiety, but we are even more likely to encounter increased levels of stress when we are out of our normal routine and dealing with the uncertainty of a health crisis like COVID-19.

We have provided several resources to our employees through our intranet COVID-19 portal that include the following topics:

  • Coping with Fear of Coronavirus
  • Managing Reaction to Coronavirus
  • Reassuring Children during a time of uncertainty
  • Emotional Well-being Tips
  • 24-Hour toll-free helpline available through our insurance provider that connects team members with qualified clinicians who can provide support and guidance